I was born in Rome in 1966 and became a member of the Parliament in 2013 with Scelta Civica, a party that I contributed to found. I took care in particular of the code of ethics for the selection of the candidates.

I was the speaker for my party and I am now the Chairman of the Commission for Constitutional Affairs of the Chamber.

I want to contribute to politics my expertise on the business and economic environment in order to achieve a lighter and more efficient Government, a faster and fair justice sytem, and a free and open market.

In my activity in the parliament I focused on the reform of Government and government owned companies.

I obtained the approval of important provisions on the reduction of companies participated by the government and on the start of a general overview of the Italian public administration.

I prepared bills on civil and criminal law which contained proposals that have been adopted by the Government, including the reduction of the Summer closure of courts and the reform of criminal statutes of limitation.

I am fighting for the reform of the pensions of excessive pension benefits of members of the national and regional parliaments.

I am promoting with the associations of young professionals a reform of the rules governing lawyers, notaries and certified accountants aimed at innovating this sector to the benefit of the younger professionals.


I graduated in law when I was 22 year old at LUISS University in Rome. I was admitted to the bar in 1992 and I am a member of the Rome and New York bar.

I started with the US law firm Baker & McKenzie. After a Master of Comparative Jurisprudence at New York University, I worked for ten years with Gianni, Origoni, Grippo & Partners. I became a partner at 34 in 2001 and left the firm in 2006 to found Labruna Mazziotti Segni, a firm which in less than a year obtained the award as Italian Law Firm of the Year from Chambers research institute, the most prestigious of the sector. Today I am a partner with Lombardi Molinari Segni.

In my professional activity, I deal with business law, including corporate law, negotiations with banks, large M&A transactions and restructuring.